Open Space 

The Chatham Township Open Space Committee was formed in 1997 to preserve, conserve, and facilitate the use of the remaining open space in the Township. The land acquired through donations, conservation easements, or purchase is used for active or passive recreation, or simply maintained as open property. The committee oversees the Open Space Plan which is an important OSI Giralda 5element of Chatham Township’s Master Plan. They make recommendations to the Township Committee for implementation of this plan.

The definition of open space as used by the Morris County Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust is as follows:

“Land or water areas to be retained in a largely natural or undeveloped state, for purposes of, among other things, providing park land or green spaces, protecting ecologically sensitive areas, preserving flora and wildlife, or protecting areas of scenic, historic and cultural value, while at the same time affording, whenever practical, public outdoor recreational opportunities for residents.”

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An historic achievement in 2015 was the Township's partnership to open Giralda Farms Preserve to the public. View the press release here and enjoy updates on the Preserve's Facebook page.


Name Expiration
Joseph Basralian (Chairman) 12/31/20
Abigail Maddi 12/31/20
Ted Smith 12/31/20
Chrissie Dugan 12/31/20
Michael Goldfarb 12/31/20
Jared Bilanin 12/31/20