Parks and Recreation

The Chatham Township Recreation Department works diligently to present a wide variety of multi-generational programs and activities. Many of the programs offered are co-sponsored by the Borough of Chatham Recreation Advisory Committee.

The Chatham Recreation Joint Advisory Committee is committed to develop, promote, organize, implement and maintain a variety of programs for the residents of Chatham Township and Chatham Borough. The Chatham Recreation Joint Advisory Committee administers and schedules programs that strive to be the best recreational programs.

Goals are achieved through open communication, the establishment of policies, the time hundreds of volunteers share with both communities and the cooperation of the Chatham Township Committee, the Chatham Borough Council, and the School District of the Chathams.

Due to a variety of factors including significantly reduced enrollment, the Summer Recreation Program (SBS Camp) will no longer be offered.
The Township regrets this decision but the program is no longer considered viable.
Thank you for your understanding.

  • For more information visit the Chatham Recreation website here.
  • To register for a recreation program visit Community Pass here.
  • To learn more about The Colony Pool Club visit here.

The Chatham Recreation Joint Advisory Committee
The Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month
at 7:00 PM at Chatham Borough Hall.

Committee Members (3-year terms)

Township Members  
Kevin Sullivan ( Committee Member) 12/31/21
Paul Anello 12/31/19
Tom Claps 12/31/20
Peter McNally 12/31/18
Richard Terranova, Alternate 12/31/19
Borough Members  
Jim LeMon - Chair 12/31/17
Doug Herbert 12/31/19
Bill Karpowic 12/31/18
Sue Jenks 12/31/17
Councilman Bob Weber (Council Liaison) 12/31/17
Board of Education Liaison  
Matt Gilfillin 12/31/19
Chatham Recreation Coordinator  
Carol Nauta, Recreation Director