Affordable Housing


On March 10, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a ruling which removed the approval of municipal planning for the provision of affordable housing within the municipality from the Council on Affordable Housing to the judiciary.

Municipalities which desired to continue participate, as the Township of Chatham has, in the affordable housing process had until July 8, 2015 to file with the judiciary.

Keep abreast of the latest public hearings and discussions on affordable housing taking place at the Chatham Township Committee and Planning Board by viewing their agendas here.

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Nouvelle, LLC Community Residence Developments

Affordable Housing Frequently Asked Questions, Updated November, 2019

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Township of Chatham - November 14, 2019 PILOT Presentation

Chatham Township Report to the Residents: Implementation of the Court Approved Affordable Housing Agreement

A Message from the Township Committee: Township has a plan for affordable housing

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View the Chatham Township Committee meeting from November 8, 2017 where the concept plan for Dixiedale Farm was discussed.

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72 condo units to remain affordable housing in Chatham Township

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Chatham Township Passes Resolution to Extend Vernon Grove Affordable Housing Controls for 72 

The following are the Township of Chatham's Legal Notice and filing:

  1. Order on Fairness and Preliminary Compliance Hearing
  2. Master’s Report for a Mount Laurel Fairness and Compliance Hearing
  3. Township of Chatham Amendment to Affordable Housing Settlement Agreement
  4. Settlement Agreement 12/13/18
  5. Legal Notice for Declaratory Judgment
  6. Complaint for Declaratory Judgment
  7. Notice of Motion for Temporary Immunity;
  8. Order Granting Temporary Immunity;
  9. Brief in Support of Motion,
  10. Certification in Support of Motion
  11. Response of the Fair Share Housing Center to the Township of Chatham Motion for
    Temporary Immunity
  12. Order Granting Temporary Immunity for Mt. Laurel Lawsuits and Scheduling Order
  13. Letter Brief in Further Support of Motion to Extend Time
  14. Letter from Judge Hansbury with Chatham Summary by Bansich
  15. Letter from Judge Miller with Preliminary Decision
  16. Letter to Judge Hansbury with Judge Miller's Preliminary Decision
  17. Township of Chatham Order Granting Extension of Temporary Immunity and Time within which to Submit an Expert Report
  18. Resolution authorizing Settlement Agreement with the Vernon Grove Condominium Association, Inc.
  19. Settlement Agreement
  20. Notice of Motion of the Township of Chatham for Approval of Development Fee Ordinance and Related Spending Plan, Extension of Time for Compliance and Temporary Immunity, and Adjustment of Construction Start Date (Returnable: February 14, 2020 at 1:30 P.M.);
  21. Certification of Gregory J. LaConte
  22. Certification of Albert E. Cruz, Esq.
  23. Certification of Robert S. Hoffmann
  24. Certification of Francis J. Banisch, III, P.P.
  25. Brief
  26. Proposed form of Order
  27. Certification of Bassam F. Gergi, Esq.,
  28. Docket No. MRS-L-1659-15
  29. January 24, 2020 Brief (MRS-L-1659-15)
  30. January 24, 2020 Cross Motion (MRS-L-1659-15
  31. Proof of Service
  32. Proposed Order MRS-L-1659-15
  33. Township of Chatham's opposition to the Fair Share Housing Center, Inc. Cross-Motion to Terminate Immunity along with supporting documents:
    1. Cover letter to Clerk;
    2. Supplemental Certification of Gregory J. LaConte;
    3. Supplemental Certification of Albert E. Cruz, Esq.;
    4. Supplemental Certification of Robert S. Hoffmann, and
    5. Brief.
  34. Chatham ECourts filed reply brief
  35. Motion to intervene by Betsie Haar
  36. Judge Schedules Affordable Housing Mediation Session
  37. Motion to intervene by Felice
  38. Reply brief of Sterling-Sun at Chatham, LLC and Southern Boulevard Urban Renewal, LLC
  39. Certification of Jeffrey A. Garfinkel
  40. Certification of Robert A. Kasuba, ESQ
  41. FSHC's February 20 2020 Brief in Opposition to Betsie Haar Motion to Intervene
  42. FSHC'S February 20 2020 Opposition to the Felices' Motion to ConsolidateIntervene
  43. Ecourts Filed Chatham Letter Brief Exhibits Cover Letter
  44. 20 02 24 Reply Brief
  45. Cerification of William A. Slover, ESQ.
  46. Township of Chatham Affordable Housing Declaratory Judgment Action and Report of the Special Master Brian Slaugh Filed February 27, 2020
  47. Settlement agreement and resolution 2020-05
  48. Chatham Township's Affordable Housing process presentation
  49. 2020 Housing Element and Fair Share draft
  51. Consent Order and Stipulation of Dismissal filed by Judge Michael C. Gaus on March 27, 2020
  52. Township of Chatham Affordable Housing Letter Requesting Suspension of Case Management Order Docket No. MRS-L-1659-15
  53. Township of Chatham Affordable Housing Declaratory Judgment Action and April 8, 2020 Case Management Order
  54. Township of Chatham Affordable Housing Declaratory Judgment Action and Consent Order Authorizing the Township to Implement a Development Fee Ordinance
  55. Township of Chatham Affordable Housing Docket No. MRS-L-1659-15-Revised Compliance/Implementation Schedule
  56. Township of Chatham Affordable Housing Declaratory Judgment Action and June 1, 2020 Case Management Order
  57. Draft Housing Element and Fair Share Plan Hearing 6/15/20
  58. Revised Draft Housing Element and Fair Share Plan for 6/15 Public Hearing (Red line version)
  59. Revised Draft Housing Element and Fair Share Plan for 6/15 Public Hearing (Final Draft)
  60. Midpoint Review Report
  61. Draft HEFSP which is scheduled for a public hearing at the July 20 Planning Board meeting
  62. 522 Southern Blvd PIR for 8-17-20 PB meeting
  63. Final Version of Amended Agreement Between Chatham Twp and FSHC (July 23, 2020)
  64. Township of Chatham and Order Scheduling an Amended Fairness and Preliminary Compliance Hearing, Filed July 28, 2020
  67. Consent Order Approving Affordable Housing Trust Fund Expenditure
  68. Proposed Redevelopment Plan for 522 Southern Boulevard
  69. Fair Share Housing Center, Inc., Opposition to the Requests of the Silverman Group and Kronos Holdings, LLC to Present Witnesses and Objections at the Amended Fairness and Preliminary Compliance Hearing & Kronos' Request to Adjourn the Hearing Scheduled for September 17, 2020
  70. Special Master's Report Dated September 11, 2020.
  71. Letter from Judge Michael C. Gaus Denying the Request of Kronos Holdings, LLC to Adjourn the Amended Fairness and Preliminary Compliance Hearing 
  72. Affordable Housing Remote Access Information for the Amended Fairness and Preliminary Compliance Hearing Scheduled for September 24, 2020 at 9:00 A.M.

The above will be supplemented as developments warrant.


Planning Board and ZBA Remote Public Meetings Guidance

Affordable Housing : Past, Present, Future. March 12, 2020

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Status Update regarding the extension for the Township's Affordable Housing agreement

Chatham Township: Report # 2 to the Residents
Implementation of the Court Approved Affordable Housing Agreement

Ordinance 2018-23 Phasing of Affordable Units

Ordinance 2018-22 Adopting Redevelopment Plan

Chatham Order Granting Partial Judgment on Hearing May 4, 2018

Case Management Order on Fairness Hearing Dated March 27, 2018

June 20, 2017 Order of the Honorable Maryann L. Nergaard, JSC and The Honorable Michael E. Hubner, JSCHonorable Michael E. Hubner, JSC

Opposition of Vernon Grove Condominium Association, Inc., to Extension of Affordability Controls - August 29, 2016


Fair Share Housing Center’s objection to the Township’s Housing Element and Fair Share Plan - July 5, 2016

Order Scheduling Hearing Regarding Entry of Final Judgment - May 16, 2016

Judge Stephan C. Hansbury Letter, dated February 10, 2016, to Steven Kunzman, ESQ.

Letter to Judge Stephan C. Hansbury, dated January 14, 2016, regarding experts

Econsult Solutions, LLC, report titled " Affordable Housing Need and Obligations Report," dated December 30, 2015.

Submission of Draft Housing Element and Fair Share Plan to the Superior Court on
April 4, 2016.