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Updates and Resources
1/3/18 Ordinance 2017-20 Watershed Protection
12/6/16 Pilgrim Pipeline - Neighborhood Impacts
4/7/16 Chatham Township Resolution 2016-096 - Legal Retainer
6/17/15 Codey-Kean Resolution to Halt Pilgrim Pipeline Advances
4/27/15 Chatham Township Committee Passes First of Its Kind Ordinance Prohiniting Unregulated Pipelines

TAP Into Chatham: Chatham Township Adopts Amendment of Land-Use Ordinance that Prohibits Pilgrim Pipeline

4/23/15 An Ordinance Amending Chapter XXX, Article 7, Titled “Zoning Regulations”, Section 30-96.9, Titled “Prohibited Uses”, Of The Revised General Ordinances Of The Township Of Chatham Prohibiting Unregulated Pipelines In Any Zoning District
4/21/15 Letter from the Planning Board to the Township Committee regarding Ordinance 2015-10

Pilgrim Pipeline official says pipeline safer for transporting crucial fuels

2/10/15 Community Meeting Planned with State Legislators on February 25
1/29/15 NJ State League of Municipalities: Interstate Oil Pipeline Projects Update
12/19/14 Assembly opposes Pilgrim Pipeline that would cross through 7 N.J. counties
12/02/14 Update: Utility "still considering" Albany Pipeline Project
(The Buzz: Business News)
12/01/14 Alternative Press: PSE&G Denies Right-of-Way to Pilgrim Pipeline; Hands Setback to Oil Pipeline Construction
11/16/14 Landowner Rights Workshop – 12/8/14 at 6:30 PM - Library of the Chathams
  Sierra Club of New Jersey
  Map of Pipeline Impacts on Surface Water Quality
  Oakland Environmental Commission Report