Chatham Township Office of Emergency Management


New Jersey law requires every municipality and county to have a state approved Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and to appoint an Emergency Management Coordinator, who in conjunction with local government is responsible for coordinating the necessary actions to protect lives and property during times of disaster and emergency. Municipalities must also appoint an Emergency Management Council, known as Local Emergency Planning Committee - (LEPC).

Chatham Township’s Municipal Emergency Operations Plan is constantly being reviewed, tested and updated and required to be approved by the state every four years. The plan last received NJ Office of Emergency Management recertification in April 2018.

Emergency Management is a comprehensive system that starts at the local level and includes the County, State and Federal Governments. It is most effective and efficient when it becomes a shared responsibility between government and citizens. Government can provide regulations, alert citizens and respond to a variety of potential and real disasters.

Our resources are limited though and in a wide scale disaster government may not be able to respond to everyone and certainly not all at once. At the height of a disaster, for the safety and well being of our own personnel, we may not be able to provide relief, such as in the middle of a hurricane. Simple steps by you and your family however will go a long way in mitigating the effects of a disaster.

Take time to review the various sections of this Website to learn more about what we are doing to meet our mission of protecting lives and property. There is information on how you can sign up to be notified of an emergency. Most important, you will find information about what YOU can do to better prepare for any type of disaster. Visit our links and please take the initiative and individual action to help you plan and prepare for you and your family’s safety and security.

Kevin Sullivan
Emergency Management Coordinator